Explore identity, self-concept, diversity, culture, inclusion, and social justice through open dialogues, workshops, visual and performing arts, representation in the media, activism, and more!

Stand Up March in WashingtonLearn from, and even lead, workshops on institutional racism, LGBTQ issues, cultural misappropriation, historic movements for equality, and more.

Create a safe haven to talk about violence, bullying, and pressure.

Become a sentinel for promoting a safe and inclusive school culture.

Join in leadership and volunteer opportunities in our community.

Expand your resume!

What are you waiting for?



Stand UpMarchStand-Up! will be leading conversations & workshops at Hazen Union Starting in October.


The Leadership Team

Rachel Wilson – Founder, Community Activist

Netdahe Stoddard – Cross Country Coach Hazen

Barb Delzio – Hazen Teacher

Kesha Medina – Sterling Student

Brendan Terranova – Sterling Student

Wendy Vasquez – Sterling Student

Savannah Storch – Sterling Student


Stand-Up Program is sponsored in part by the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation