Mission and Vision

Our mission at Wonder & Wisdom is to inspire lives and communities of purpose and meaning by providing intentional, innovative, learning opportunities in which people of all ages discover who they are and are encouraged to realize their full potential.

Our vision is of a community and a world where the wisdom needed to bridge barriers, and change lives for the better, begins with a sense of wonder.

To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, we strive to build an interdependent supportive community in which people from diverse social, cultural, racial, spiritual, and economic backgrounds are empowered to find common ground.

Come join in our work, play, and dreams for today and the future!


Our Core Values

  • Wonder & Wisdom provides high-quality life-enriching experiences based on children's and seniors' interests. We believe that bodies, brains, and beings grow in confidence and abilities as we learn together through doing, being, and creating.
  • Wonder & Wisdom is staffed and led by listening and caring adults who are dedicated to building/fostering in children/seniors a sense of belonging and of full potential.
  • Through activities, outings, and seasonal celebrations, Wonder & Wisdom facilitates experiences for children and seniors that support health, wholeness, and well-being.
  • Our staff and programs guide children and seniors to explore, experience, and understand the unique natural areas and communities where we live.
  • We inspire playfulness, creativity, and imagination in children and seniors, helping each age group to discover their interests and passions. Laughter and fun are part of our work.
  • Wonder & Wisdom staff work as a supportive team and participate in frequent professional development opportunities. Our practices as after school, summer camp, and elder enrichment professionals are forward-thinking, and ever-evolving and improving.
  • Wonder & Wisdom brings people from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds together at a common table for programs, friendship, community, and meals.
  • Our work embodies respect and often advocacy for elders and youth, and is achieved through inter-generational activities, community support, and interdependent community partnerships.