In School Classes

Pre-School Classes

SecretCircusArtAcrossAgesWonderArts offers in-school music and movement classes, like Get Up and Move!, which provide young children with early development and learning experiences, encouraging students to be active and energized as they learn the basics of rhythm and dance. Students are introduced to new instruments and fun games lead by experienced teaching artists.

Classes are designed to keep young children moving, thinking about their bodies, and the space their bodies occupy. Teaching artists use creative movement as a tool for communication, expression and engagement to encourage children to develop fine and gross motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills.


High School Classes

WonderArts provides a wide range of classes for high school students that include performance, improvisation, visual arts, culinary arts, building business models, and professional development. Through our high school classes, including Friday Afternoon Block and Studio Night Out, students have the opportunity to build relationships with local artist mentors and cultivate technical and professional skills. Teaching artists create judgement-free zones for students to explore their creativity and develop tangible skills in collaboration with classmates.


Pre-school classes are currently offered at Greensboro’s 4 Seasons of Early Learning, Wolcott’s Preschool Program, and Craftsbury Preschool. High school classes are currently offered at Craftsbury Academy. Interested in bringing our dynamic classes to your school or learning more about our existing offerings, contact Ceilidh Galloway-Kane via email or by calling (802) 533-9370.