Afterschool Programs

Whether at school or out in the community, WonderArts offers classes and field trips that explore art, design, the environment, language, performance, and recreation. Our after school classes and activities help build skills and empower our youth.

These programs are provided through grants and services at area schools including: Albany Community School, Craftsbury Elementary, Lakeview Union, Wolcott Elementary, and Hardwick Elementary. Are you interested in having us teach in an afterschool program? Contact Ceilidh at 802.533.9370 or email for more information, class offerings, and rates.  



WonderArts aims to cultivate the creative interests of youth through hands-on arts activitiegarden_balls in the NEK by offering a variety of awesome classes throughout the school year! Fostering creativity, curiosity, innovation and imagination with an emphasis on experiential learning our workshops are specially designed to build confidence, positive communication, critical thinking and a life-long interest in a wide variety of creative areas including culinary, performance, and visual arts as well as design, engineering, and science. We work with area schools to provide classes that complement and enhance school curriculums. Learn more about our class offerings.

Field trips

WonderArts offers a wide variety of afterschool field trips with support from NEK Kids on the Move, including canoeing, rock climbing, gardening, survival skills, and outdoor games including skiing and rocket sledding. Stay tuned for our fall field trip schedule.


Stand Up MarchingStand-Up!  is a social justice group based out of Hazen Union in Hardwick. Lead by founder and activist Rachel Wilson, this student group is involved in social activism inside their school and in their greater community. Students are engaged in in-school activities such as a Cultural Myth-busting class where students learn to identify and stand up to racism and bigotry, while also having outside of school projects including the culturally diverse performance event, Raise Your Voice, and an afterschool Art Club where they can learn how to use the arts to create positive change and political awareness. Learn more about Stand-Up.