Afterschool Classes

WonderArts is constantly developing new classes to complement and enhance the lives of our students. Contact us to find out more about our afterschool offerings.


Cultural Artscookies_FB

  • Art Through the Ages– In this program students go back to the basics… the Stone Age basics! Covering the history of art from cave drawings to abstract expressionism this program blends short history lessons with fun arts activities including creating cave paintings and experimenting with splatter art!
  • Culinary Arts– In this NEW program students will learn basics of food preparations! Students can eat what they create and share with friends and family!
  • World Cultures through Art– In this NEW program students will create passports and travel the globe, exploring new countries and cultures through the arts! Explore Chinese culture through creating paper lanterns, Spanish culture through collage, Inuit culture by designing totem poles and more!

Performance Arts

  • Junk Instruments & Music, Performance– This class’s objectives are: using found objects to create music, understanding rhythm and melodies, seeing the possibilities in everyday items, encouraging resourcefulness and creativity through music and the arts!
  • Puppetry– creating puppets, sets, masks, and props for unique student lead performances to end every class! Learning different methods of puppetry, forming a story to perform, all while bringing their own original characters to life!

Science & Engineeringresources_forms

  • Art of Engineering–Turn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) into STEAM, adding Art! Our goal is to encourage curiosity, imagination, and creativity in every student. To challenge each participant by asking questions and encouraging them to wonder.
  • Design & Build 1.0 — One of our most popular programs, design & build teaches students just that–how to design and build everything from paper bridges to cardboard arcade games. This program’s projects include designing paper airplanes, building support structures, creating race tracks for robots, and more!
  • Design & Build 2.0 –The next step up from 1.0, 2.0 builds on the principles learned from the previous session and levels up on designing and building techniques. Projects include: the egg drop (nest building), creating chairs out of cardboard, building wooden tree houses and more!

Nature Based Learninggroup_nek_kom

  • Environmental Art– Creating art through found objects in nature! Dreamcatchers, nature walks, living sculptures, landscape art and more can be explored through this outdoorsy option that successfully blends environmental science with the creative arts!

Visual Arts

  • Fiber Arts 1.0– Felting, weaving, knitting, and more, students who take this program learn to create everything from scarves and bracelets, to felted wall hangings and street art weavings! A consistently popular program for a variety of ages.
  • Fiber Arts 2.0– This NEW program builds on the skills and principles learned in the first session. Students explore even more possible projects creating everything from pillows to soft felted sculptures. This program is intended for students 3rd grade and up.
  • Sculpture Arts– Ceramics, plaster, building and more, students in this program are encouraged to indulge their imaginations and create projects through a variety of 3 dimensional mediums.
  • inschool classesVisual Art 1.0– This program focuses on the creation of 2 dimensional art through traditional means such as drawing with pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolor paints and more. The students in this program learn principles of traditional art mixed with the thrill of creating something completely original, that’s never been seen before!
  • Visual Art 2.0– Building on the design and drawing processes learned in the first session, this more advanced course focuses on painting, collage, and other forms of mixed media art. This program focuses on expanding students’ understanding of art and its many forms.